Massage and care

Your massages & treatments at the hotel


With their expert hands, Orianne, Stéphanie and Adelaïde will make you spend an unforgettable moment!


Whether it is for a Thai or intuitive massage, or for a facial, you can enjoy this more than relaxing moment in our establishment.


Our massages and treatments last 60 minutes and cost 85 € for a massage and 75 € for a facial.

Just remember to book your treatment in advance with our reservation service.

Discover intuitive massage with Orianne


A mixture of different techniques acquired, this massage evolves according to the tensions in your body and to your desires. Deep and muscular pressure combined with slow and enveloping movements for a complete relaxation of the body and mind. Massage of the whole body or only a part of it (back, legs, face and skull).


And the Zen facial:


Facial care adapted to your skin with natural products. A real return to the sources of ancestral beauty care. This treatment is relaxing thanks to its face and head massage of about twenty minutes.

Massages and treatments

Discover Thai massage


Now well known in the West, Thai massage is an ancestral method of treatment, originally practiced in the Buddhist temples of Siam.


Its practice is in line with the holistic therapeutic philosophies of India (YogaAyurveda) and China (energy medicine, acupuncture). These approaches aim to harmonise the multiple aspects of the human being: physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual.


The body techniques of Thai massage are varied and act directly on the physical and energetic body. They include acupressure, mobilisation and stretching. The 'giver' (masseur) uses the entire body to circulate vital energy and promote homeostasis (regulation of internal balance) in the 'receiver' (massaged).